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The Infinity Dreams Award – Celebration Time

My Infinite Award – Feel so honored. I would like to thank Manasi for nominating me for “Infinity Dreams Award”. Manasi is not only a great friend, but also an amazing writer, painter, photographer, chef and a wonderful mom. Please … Continue reading

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A big thanks on reaching 2000 followers

Dear Friends, I wanted to write and say thank you to everyone who has followed and support this blog. We’ve reached 2,000 fans. I appreciate everyone, who have stopped by liked or commented. You all have been a blessing to … Continue reading

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A Good News and a short break from blogging …….

It has been a while since I logged on, and my sincere apologies to my readers for this break. I have been enjoying again the joys of motherhood with the arrival of my daughter a month ago ! I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Rich, Intensely sweet, Indulgent festive sweet….. IMARTI….. Bring back good memories.

Whenever Diwali comes around, it takes me back to India and my childhood. What a traditional celebration it was!  We always got new clothes to wear, ate loads of sweets and snacks made by mum, and visited family and friend.  … Continue reading

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Cook your dreams: One year Blogiversary, recap and celebration recipe

I am so excited because my blog turned one today! One year ago today, on April 10, I hit “publish” on my first blog post – And so it begins….First year of writing a blog is the hardest.  You have … Continue reading

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