The Infinity Dreams Award – Celebration Time

My Infinite Award – Feel so honored.

I would like to thank Manasi for nominating me for “Infinity Dreams Award”. Manasi is not only a great friend, but also an amazing writer, painter, photographer, chef and a wonderful mom. Please visit her blog the hour glass mommy,  I absolutely love every piece of writing she posts, whether that be a beautiful piece of poetry or a serious article.
Manasi wanted me to nominate 7 or more other promising incredible bloggers and share my dreams/desires along with some introduction about myself!

I am a daughter, wife, sister, mom and a foodie. My favorite thing to do is go into the kitchen hungry, open the fridge and start creating. And when my hubby, cooks with me, it’s just icing on the cake 🙂

So according to the challenge, here I am going to share some of my dreams/desires with you. Let’s start:-
1. I would like to see my kids grow and be successful but most importantly happy and content.
2. I would like to continue living in good health and maintain an active schedule.
3. I would like to help people in need as much as possible.
4. I dream and hope for a safer and greener world. So that we and the coming generations can live in harmony.
5. Last but not least I would like to publish my cookbook and start & grow my event planning business.

Okay these were my dreams I’d like to accomplish.And now the ten nominations for the Infinity Awards are:

Congratulations to the lovely Bloggers for the nomination! I’d like all of you to share more about yourself, your dreams / desires and nominate 7-10 more awesome bloggers!
Share the happiness around.
Apurva from Pure Vegetarian Bites


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