Easy Homemade Halloween Goodie Bag

Looking for last minute goodie bags ideas. Make these customized Halloween treats bags using simple craft items and a lot of creativity. Kids can create their own personalized bags for holding Halloween candy and other treats. Handmade goody bags also make charming Halloween Party favors when filled with festive treats. Give candies in style with this fun Halloween craft!Materials:

  • Black/ orange/any color paper bag (available at party supply or stationery stores)
  • Candies and goodies
  • Black Marker
  • White craft glue to seal the bag


  1. Draw spooky faces in the middle of the bag and make hair on the top. Write some spooky, scary notes on the front of the bag.
  2. Fill Candies and goodies. I usually give less candy and more fun goodies to play like Pencil, Games, Erasers, Painting crafts, tattoos etc etc.
  3. Seal it with glue and give it to your little monsters.

Note:  If you are using this bag for trick and treats (collect candy) skip step 2 and 3. Also use bag with the handle.

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8 Responses to Easy Homemade Halloween Goodie Bag

  1. Priya says:

    Fantastic goodie bags..

  2. Nice idea, I love that bat so spooky!

  3. suparna says:

    Nice idea. I will try it next time.. 🙂

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