Halloween Treats: Spooky Witches

Welcome back to another day of fun Halloween treats. How are you enjoying it so far? Halloween is nearly upon us! Are you planning a get-together for the kiddos? These spooky (but adorable) witches are sure to delight all the little ghosts and goblins on the block. Here is a simple and enjoyable recipe for making Witches pops and enjoy these witches with their Broomsticks.


16 Oreo cookies
Popsicles or Sucker Stickes
1 package vibrant / spooky green candy melts
1/2 package dark cocoa candy melts
Edible eyes
Styrofoam block (to place pops in to dry)Directions:

  1. Carefully insert a popsicle stick into the center of each cookie.
  2. Dip cookie sucker into green melted candy coating. Let the excess coating drip off. Be sure to cover the edges and the stick very carefully. Place in a Styrofoam block to set.
  3. Add your eyes.  I used some candy eyeballs made by Wilton. You can give her a nose by using cream of oreo cookies and dip it into your green candy melts and place it on her face with a toothpick or your fingers.  Let it dry completely.
  4. While they are hardening, take one oreo cookie of stuff cookie and dip into brown candy melt and put it on wax paper. Take a soft candy and make triangle shape like hat top and dip it into some melted chocolate put it on brown candy covered ores cookie. Let it harden.
  5. Drizzle some chocolate onto the top of the witches head and give her some hair.  Then set the hat onto her head.  Place the stick back into the styrofoam and let her harden


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8 Responses to Halloween Treats: Spooky Witches

  1. veena says:

    Happy halloween,, Lovely witches

  2. wow!!! 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  3. Priya says:

    Happy Halloween, those spooky witches looks damn attractive.

  4. Happy Halloween, such cute spooky witches!

  5. LifeScoops says:

    These looks so good. Perfect for halloween!! Thanks for bringing them over for the Cookie Party at LifeScoops. Your recipes have been pinned to Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/hishema/cookies/)

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